Summer 2016 Programme well underway!

Summer is here!  Following a busy St George’s Day – which fell on a Saturday this year – where we danced for the Mayor of Broxbourne and people of Cheshunt at the Fun Day in Grundy Park and again at the fantastic street party organised by Jana and the team at The Wonder, just off Chase Side in Enfield, amongst other activity – our summer evening programme has begun.  We’ve popped up at various places so far in the borough of Enfield on Thursday evenings.  Check the Diary for where you can see us next!

Our weekday evening programme will see us in Enfield and the neighbouring area a few Thursdays every month.  There’s also a chance you could see us with St Alban’s Morris once a month on a Monday when we visit them.  They’ll be dropping in at a couple of our Thursday events too.  We’ll also be dancing at local events in and around the Enfield area at weekends – ranging from the RiverFest at Lordship Recreation Ground in Tottenham to events at Forty Hall.  The climax of our summer season will be the Etcetera Morris Men Day of Dance on Saturday 10th September – see the Day of Dance page for more details.


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