You asking? We’re dancing!

With the year’s early appearances at Forty Hall Farm and for St George’s Day behind us it’s now the 1st of May, the traditional start of the Morris dancing out season. Looking at our social media feeds today, this morning Morris dancing sides around the country were up and about dancing up the dawn and generally making merry, with optimism about the coming dancing season (if nothing else). Well done to them for keeping that tradition going.

Our 2019 Programme

The arrival of May Day means it’s now time to put all our practice over the last six or seven months to the test as we head out on our summer dancing season. This season will see at least one new dance to be premiered somewhere and the return of some we’ve not done in public recently.

So, we are looking forward to the season – which will see us dancing around the Enfield area, celebrating local events and successes, enjoying a beer or two, and representing our home town up in the Yorkshire Dales as part of the Leeds Morris Men’s Annual Dales Tour. If you’re one of the people who has asked and isn’t yet lucky enough to have got your hands on our 2019 Programme of Dance yet, or if you’re just curious, check out where to find us over on our Diary page. We hope to see you at one or more of the spots we dance at over summer 2019!