Day of Dance 2017 and the Summer Season

Etcetera Morris Men in Kettlewell on Leeds Morris Men’s Dales Tour 2017

It’s been a good summer with many dance spots old and new.


The next thing on the horizon, after a quick trip to The Crown & Horseshoes on Thursday 31 August (from 8.15pm) is our Day of Dance in Enfield on Saturday 23 September.
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New Year 2017 – Pratice Season resumes

New Year’s Day

We all had a  great time at the first New Year’s Day  Spectacular to be held at The Wonder in Enfield.  A good crowd formed, dances were danced both by your hosts – Enfield’s Etcetera Morris Men – and guests from Letchworth Morris Men and step cloggers who are part of Camden Clog. Before the first rain of the New Year made us all seek shelter in the pub for a session of music, song and more dance, there were two chances for the spectators to join in with an English Country dance and a Cotswold Morris dance.  A great day and our thanks to all who watched, danced and sang along, as well as to Janka and the team at The Wonder.

Practices – new members welcome!

After the fun of New Year’s Day dancing, and the first Etcetera Folk English Country Dancing session of 2017, the Morris Men’s practice season has picked up again. Continue reading

The Morris action continues this October…

Etcetera Morris Men dancing in Enfield

Etcetera Morris Men’s practice sessions are now in full swing – and it’s never too late to get in touch with us to attend your first practice session.  We can show you the steps, the arm movements and stick clashes required, before we all head down to the pub for well earned refreshment…

If you’re not clear what Cotswold Morris Dancing is or you’ve still not seen us out and about in Enfield (where have you been?) then don’t worry, there is still another chance to catch up with us in Enfield Town in 2015 following our day out at the start of the month.

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Announcing – Morris Dancing Taster Sessions!

BeastWe want you to want to Join In!

We’re introducing a monthly “Taster Session” on the third Monday of every month.

We know it can be a bit daunting taking your first steps or playing your first notes for Morris Dancing or with a new side. Some of us have been doing it for over thirty or forty years, others only started with us recently.

No matter if you have experience of dancing and playing the Morris or not, we always welcome new members, and will show you the basics and build it up from there. Continue reading